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Fee Patterns

Laser paid patterns are special patterns created with the use of a laser. These patterns are generally used on materials such as metal, plastic, fabric and can be used for various purposes. For example, it can be used for purposes such as design, promotion, marked products.

Laser paid patterns are created by melting or burning the material using the heat of a laser. This process is performed with very high precision and accuracy. Therefore, laser paid patterns are preferred especially for special designs.

Among the advantages of laser paid patterns are such advantages as high precision and accuracy, very high quality, longevity and very little cost. Therefore, laser paid patterns are used in various industries.

However, the creation of laser paid patterns requires special equipment and knowledge. Therefore, it is necessary to turn to professional services for the creation of laser paid patterns.

Model: Lzr0011
This extensive collection includes more than 470 designs available in various file formats including SVG, DXF, EPS and PNG.It includes personalized gifts, cake decorations, home decorations, invitations and much more...
75 TL 250 TL
Model: Lzr0016
75 TL 150 TL
Ayetel Kürsi Tablo
Hot Paid -30 %
Model: Lzr009
Ayetel Kürsi Tablo - Ayetel001 - Kuran yazıları..
35 TL 50 TL
Model: Lzr0045
The pattern was created for 3mm material.Dimensions97x97x45mmYou will receive this drawing in the following formats:CDR (Corel Drawing)AI (Adobe Illustrator)DXF (Drawing Exchange Format)PDF (Portable Document Format)SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)..
30 TL
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