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Metal Laser

Metal laser cutting is a cutting method using laser technology. In this method, cutting is performed by moving a laser light on the material. Metal laser cutting is used to obtain very precise and accurate results, especially for metals.

Metal laser cutting can be used for many different metal materials, such as: steel, aluminum, copper, silver, gold, titanium. Various types of lasers can be used for cutting these materials, for example: CO2 laser, Fiber laser, Nd:YAG laser. These laser types can be used by choosing the most suitable one for different metal materials.

Metal laser cutting can be used for many different industries, such as: automotive, electronics, medical, construction, textile, food. In these industries, metal laser cutting can be used to perform fast and precise cutting operations in the manufacturing process.

Metal laser cutting can cut at very high speed and very precisely. Therefore, metal laser cutting is very widely used, especially in the metalworking industry. Metal laser cutting can also perform processes such as molding, shaping and engraving. While performing these operations,

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